Absolute 5L

SKU: 003

Absolute is a concentrated and powerful multi-purpose detergent. It has a fresh citrus scent and can be used in industrial, commercial, and household cleaning of floors and all washable hard surfaces. Absolute is pH-neutral and safe to use on sensitive terrazzo, marble, and tiled floors.


Aqua 5L

SKU: 096

Aqua is a bulk-fill foaming hand cleanser that produces a rich lather to float away dirt and grime. Aqua is pH-balanced to the natural pH of the skin and contains aloe vera and glycerine to ensure your hands are left soft and supple after every use.


Aura 5L

SKU: 041

Aura is a two-in-one, commercial-grade disinfectant and cleaner that kills germs and destroys odours rapidly. It is a water-based product and breaks down soil and grease quickly with minimal residue. Aura is ideal for cleaning and sanitising floors, walls, touch points, sinks, basins, toilets, and showers, leaving the surface perfumed with a fresh floral fragrance.


Flash 5L

SKU: 065

Flash is a ready-to-use, acid-based toilet and urinal cleaner with a lasting eucalyptus fragrance. Its thickened formula allows it to cling to steep surfaces easily, extending exposure time for a powerful, brightening clean. Flash contains highly biodegradable surfactants and will dissolve all type of deposits from porcelain, ceramic, and stainless-steel surfaces.


Freesea 5L

SKU: 058

Freesea is a concentrated, all-purpose bathroom cleaner for showers, baths, toilets, urinals, and basins. With its natural organic acids, it will easily dissolve lime, bio-waste, urine, hard surface scale, soap, and fat scum on all washroom surfaces without harming stainless steel, porcelain, ceramics, or glass – even during prolonged contact periods. Freesea is boosted with citrus oils to deodorise the washroom and leave a fresh lingering fragrance.


Primula 5L

SKU: 102

Primula is an eco-friendly carpet extraction cleaning detergent and spotter. With a neutral pH, Primula is safe to use on 100% wool carpets, nylons, and all washable synthetic fibres. The perfume dispels any bad odours and refreshes the room with a pleasant citrus fragrance.


Reflect 5L

SKU: 072

Reflect is a fast-acting cleaner for glass, mirrors, stainless-steel, and chrome surfaces. It is a highly effective water-based product that contains no toxic, harmful, or ecologically-suspect ingredients and produces minimal environmental impact. Reflect will remove all soilage from shiny surfaces without leaving any streaks for an ultra-clean and sparkling finish.


Resolve 5L

SKU: 010

Resolve is a concentrated, general-purpose mild detergent with excellent cleaning power for use on all washable hard surfaces near natural waterways. Made with carefully selected ingredients that are extremely low in aquatic toxicity, Resolve is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cleaning of boats, marinas, walls, fences, and marine equipment and buildings without harming marine life.


Sparkle 5L

SKU: 027

Sparkle is a water-based, general-purpose detergent suitable for all washable hard surfaces. It contains biodegradable surfactants and contains no toxic ingredients, solvents, or allergens. At the correct dilution, it is ideal for sensitive individuals such as in kindergartens or age-care facilities. Sparkle is fast-acting and removes all types of light to medium soil with ease.


Sting 5L

SKU: 089

Sting is an alkaline-based, heavy-duty detergent formulated for a wide range of uses wherever you find dirt, oil, and grease. It will quickly remove these soils from surfaces like floors and walls, equipment and machinery, and ovens and barbecues, rinsing away easily for a clean and sparkling surface.


Strike 5L

SKU: 034

Strike is a fast-acting spray and wipe cleaner that breaks down grease and grime easily, leaving behind a streak-free surface with just one pass. It has a mild citrus perfume and is suitable for desks, tables, doors, walls, fittings, painted surfaces, and all other washable surfaces.