Partnering with Sallou.Art

Chemrose partners with Indigenous artist Sallou.Art to bring their cultural passion and heritage to life.

Our values are deeply emotional ones, rooted in a connection to our responsibilities to our past – in thanks to the awareness & knowledge it has brought, and to our present and future – what we must now do, together. We are focused on embracing customers and partnerships that intrinsically and actively embrace the same values and vision.

To bring this passion to life, we engaged Indigenous artist Sallou.Art to create an original piece of digital artwork that represented Chemrose‘s heritage.

Telling our story

The artwork acknowledges the Gamilaroi people. Acknowledging our ancestor’s strength, courage, and wisdom. Remembering all that was learned about caring for Country from those who were here before.

The concentric circles represent meeting places and connections to each other. The surrounding U shapes symbolize people coming together to sit and yarn. The artwork depicts Chemrose’s journey; their connection to community, mob, and care for the environment.

What it all means

1665403 ChemroseArtworkPoster 062223 04 | Chemrose

Artwork created by Sallou.Art

Screenshot 2023 07 08 013940 | Chemrose

Find out more about the artist and her unique Indigenous artwork here Sallou Art Website and Sallou Art Instagram


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