Consolidated’s Rave Review: Partnering with Chemrose for Excellence, Eco-Friendliness, and Community Impact!

Consolidated Property Services Logo and Indigenous Artwork

Consolidated Property Services, established in 1977, embarked on a journey from servicing suburban commercial spaces to evolving into a prominent player in the property industry. The subsequent decades witnessed remarkable growth, culminating in Consolidated becoming one of the largest professional cleaning service providers across Eastern Australia.

In their pursuit of eco-friendly options, Consolidated discovered Chemrose and found the perfect partner to align with their environmental commitment. Choosing Chemrose was an easy decision, given the extensive range of GECA certified eco-friendly chemicals and the significant impact of supporting Indigenous communities, a cause close to Consolidated’s heart.

Ecolabel and Consolidated

Working with Chemrose has proven to be a rewarding experience for Consolidated, thanks to the exceptional service, prompt next-day delivery, and the meaningful contribution made to the Indigenous Australian community.

The dispensing system and the eco-friendly nature of Chemrose’s products stand out as particular favourites for Consolidated, with the top spot going to the highly effective Strike.

Strike, Chemrose’s fast-acting spray and wipe cleaner, effortlessly tackles grease and grime, leaving surfaces streak-free with just one pass. Its mild citrus perfume adds a pleas ant touch, making it suitable for various surfaces, from desks and tables to doors, walls, fittings, and more.

Consolidated enthusiastically endorses Chemrose as a trusted partner and solution provider. When posed with the question of whether they would recommend Chemrose to other businesses, Consolidated responded with a resounding “Yes,” affirming their confidence in the quality, reliability, and overall excellence that Chemrose consistently delivers. Consolidated cleaner using Chemrose chemicals

Corporate Social Responsibility is a core value for Consolidated, and the collaboration with an Indigenous owned business that supports and gives back to Indigenous communities is a key factor in their enduring partnership with Chemrose. Consolidated employ of over 3,000 multi-generational and multi-national citizens across Australia, and are mindful of their important obligations to them, their families and communities.

Together, Chemrose and Consolidated continue to make a positive impact on both the cleaning industry and the broader community.


You can read more about Consolidated’s Reconciliation Action Plan hereIndigenous Artwork


The turtles in this artwork represent the 4 core values of the business, which are: Moral, Legal, Ethical & Respect. The rocks in the artwork represent the 4 pillars of the organisation – Sustainable Growth, Process Excellence, People Engagement & Innovation.

The artwork inside the pillars represent the hard work and dedication by the organisation to maintain the strength in these pillars. The banks of the river and the river itself represent the Murray River, the traditional lands of my people and a provider of life.

The circles within the river, represent the many people and organisations that Consolidated have been involved with through the years. The artwork itself has no start point and no end point, it shows the continual movement of a well run organisation. It represents the constant shifting and moving with the times, never being stagnant and always trying to be innovative.

About the Artist

Gary Saunders is a proud Bangerang, Wiradjuri, Yorta Yorta and Dja Dja Wurrung man, born in Shepparton and raised in Mooroopna in the Goulburn Valley area.

Gary is an Artist, Graphic Designer and Musician and manages the Indigital Centre which is based at the Aborigines Advancement League in Thornbury, Victoria.


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