Celebrating Awesome Aboriginal Owned Businesses to get behind in 2024

In the spirit of fostering collaboration, unity, and economic empowerment, Chemrose are proud to help shine a spotlight on awesome Aboriginal owned businesses that are making waves in various industries.

It’s crucial to recognise and support enterprises that not only exemplify entrepreneurial prowess but also contribute significantly to the cultural and economic fabric of our society.

Let’s collectively champion diversity, inclusion, and the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit within the Aboriginal community as we highlight the stories and successes of these unique enterprises in 2024.

Bila Group:

Bila Group stands as autonomous specialists in Aboriginal cultural heritage and archaeology, operating independently in Sydney while possessing the capability to extend their services across most of Australia. At the core of their mission is the responsible sharing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge. Bila Group ardently advocates for the recognition of their people as the foremost authorities on information pertaining to their culture.

As a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated entity, Bila Group brings together a diverse, multidisciplinary team dedicated to providing optimal services for your project. Their commitment extends to prioritising collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experts, ensuring a nuanced and authentic approach in delivering excellence.

Bila Group can help you better understand Aboriginal heritage, history and places.

To support Bila Group, head to their website or Instagram

NRG Indigenous:

NRG Indigenous, an Aboriginal owned and operated enterprise, takes pride in delivering top-notch professional cleaning services while concurrently empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals. The company’s dedication to fostering pristine and welcoming environments is matched by a serious commitment to not only meet but exceed client expectations across various industries.

Certified by Supply Nation, NRG Indigenous places a strong emphasis on quality, consistency, and value, aiming to cultivate enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with its clients. The company’s foundation lies in its people, a diverse team of highly trained and experienced individuals who adhere to the highest industry standards and are considered its greatest asset.

Guided by directors Matt Rose and George Rose, both proud Gamilaroi men from Walgett NSW, NRG Indigenous is renowned for its directors’ passion and commitment to Aboriginal empowerment. Matt and George, respected for their dedication, envision NRG Indigenous as a means to continue their family’s legacy of driving positive change in the community. Through this venture, they seek to create opportunities for Aboriginal people and contribute to social and economic prosperity.

NRG Indigenous is a manifestation of the Rose brothers’ passion and determination to support and empower the custodians of Australian land. As majority owners, they utilise the platform to effect positive change by creating opportunities and enhancing the social and economic well-being of Aboriginal people through their cleaning business.

To support NRG Indigenous, head to their website

ARA Indigenous Services:

ARA Indigenous Services is dedicated to creating meaningful opportunities for the Indigenous Australian community, focusing on ownership, business support, training, and employment. The organisation offers a diverse array of industrial services, aiming to redefine industry standards.

Established in 2015 by Michael O’Loughlin and Paul McCann as CMC Indigenous Services, they joined forces with the ARA Group in 2017 to become ARA Indigenous Services.

Michael O’Loughlin, a distinguished AFL player with a 20-year career, and Paul McCann, a successful businessman overseeing ARA Property Services, share a long-standing friendship rooted in their love for AFL. In a strategic move towards business ownership in the commercial cleaning and property maintenance industry, Michael and Paul embarked on a joint venture.

Both leaders recognised a genuine opportunity to leverage their knowledge, experience, and community ties to not only establish a thriving business but also contribute to meaningful change.

While still in its early stages, ARA Indigenous Services benefits from the capabilities and experience of the ARA Group, ensuring the delivery of reliable solutions for facilities and infrastructure. As a testament to its commitment to Indigenous empowerment, ARA Indigenous Services proudly holds Supply Nation certification, with 51% Indigenous ownership.

To support ARA Indigenous Services, head to their website, Instagram or Facebook

No Limit Boxing:

No Limit Boxing emerges as the premier destination for the most anticipated fights and elite boxers, revolutionising the Australian boxing scene with a commitment to delivering world-class events and unforgettable entertainment.

This game-changing organisation, led by CEO George Rose, a proud Gamilaroi man hailing from Walgett NSW, is reshaping the landscape of boxing in Australia. No Limit Boxing consistently brings fans an array of top-tier events throughout the year, showcasing not only Australia’s most thrilling boxing prospects but also pay-per-view megastars such as Tim Tszyu, Sam Goodman, Paulo Aokuso, and Nikita Tszyu, among others.

George Rose’s passion for creating memorable experiences is evident in every aspect of No Limit Boxing’s operations. Whether it’s for the thousands of attendees at live events or the viewers tuning in from home, the organisation is dedicated to offering non-stop entertainment. Under George’s leadership, No Limit Boxing is not just hosting events; it is continually building an immersive and unforgettable legacy for fans to be a part of.

To support No Limit Boxing, head to their website, Instagram or Facebook

Stage Support:

Stage Support, located in Southern NSW and the ACT, stands as a premier service offering production services for a diverse range of events across various locations. Whether you’re a solo rockstar, a university, a school, private organisation, or a lighting enthusiast, Stage Support is committed to providing tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Simply reach out with your requirements, and they’ll craft the perfect solution for you.

With over two decades of industry experience, Stage Support brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and resources to ensure the success of your event. Whether you’re planning a gala ball, wedding, conference, or an outdoor concert, their team can provide everything from ground staff to cutting-edge equipment, addressing your needs comprehensively. Through a straightforward and informative process, Stage Support assesses your requirements, offering recommendations and taking care of all the details, allowing you to relax and fully enjoy your event while staying informed at every step to guarantee its success.

Stage Support proudly holds certification from Supply Nation.

To support Stage Support, head to their website

Supply Aus:

Aboriginal owned Supply Aus stands as a modern Indigenous business, redefining the landscape of Indigenous engagement with each contract it secures.

As a 100% Indigenous owned and operated enterprise, Supply Aus is dedicated to supplying goods for social impact, contributing to positive change within communities.

What sets Supply Aus apart is its commitment to social responsibility. This proud social enterprise allocates a noteworthy 50% of its profits toward Indigenous community projects and suicide prevention activities.

By prioritising both business success and social impact, Supply Aus exemplifies a new paradigm in Indigenous business that goes beyond mere transactions to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Indigenous communities.

To support Supply Aus, head to their website or Facebook

While we’ve highlighted some fantastic First Nations Australian businesses, we know there are many more worth supporting.

We’d love to include additional Indigenous owned businesses in our article, so if you have any recommendations, please email marketing@chemrose.com.au.

Your input is crucial in creating a more comprehensive and representative list that celebrates the diversity and excellence within the Indigenous business community. Thank you for helping us amplify the visibility of these outstanding businesses and encouraging continued support.


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