BGIS Partners with Chemrose for Sustainable Solutions

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BGIS, a global leader in integrated facility management services, has found a reliable partner in Chemrose. This partnership is a testament to the values of quality, sustainability, and Corporate Social Responsibility that both companies share.

BGIS’s discovery of Chemrose was driven by their commitment to inclusivity and diversity, evident in their Indigenous policy for suppliers, vendors, and their workforce. This alignment with BGIS’s values led to the decision to partner with Chemrose, which was motivated by several compelling factors, including the quality and diversity of Chemrose’s product range, competitive pricing, and the additional benefit of Chemrose being an Indigenous-owned company, which harmonised with BGIS’s internal Indigenous policy.

BGIS uses Chemrose for various reasons, as expressed by their representative Mahfuzur Sumon:

Exceptional Customer Service

“The Chemrose team consistently provides excellent customer service and support with rapid response times to inquiries. They are pro-active and exceptionally helpful.”

Effective Product Range

“BGIS appreciates the effectiveness of Chemrose products, which not only deliver outstanding results but also allow for reduced chemical usage, aligning with the company’s environmental policies.

Eco-Friendly Products

“Chemrose products are environmentally friendly and align with our company’s environmental policy. They are very effective, allowing us to reduce the volume of use, resulting in less harm to the environment.”

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is of utmost importance to BGIS. They actively engage in CSR initiatives, such as partnering with Chemrose during Naidoc week and celebrating Thankyou Cleaners Day. BGIS is proud of its inclusive and respectful workforce and its commitment to environmental sustainability, making Chemrose an ideal partner.

The partnership between BGIS and Chemrose is a powerful example of two organisations coming together with shared values of quality, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. BGIS’s positive experience with Chemrose’s products and services is a testament to the value that Chemrose brings to its clients in the realm of facility management.

Read more about the BGIS reconciliation action plan:
BGIS and Chemrose Reconciliation Action Plan

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