Empowering Indigenous Excellence: 10 Businesses to Support in 2024

Indigenous Business

As we enter a new year filled with possibilities, it’s our pleasure to shine a spotlight on the vibrant culture of Indigenous entrepreneurship. At Chemrose, we believe in fostering a community of support, collaboration, and empowerment. In this spirit, we’ve curated a list of 10 Indigenous owned businesses that are making waves across various industries, embodying resilience, innovation, and cultural identity.

Let’s celebrate the visionaries and the change-makers by amplifying their voices, support their endeavours, and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable business landscape.

Dhuwa Coffee

Kickstart your morning routine – with Dhuwa Coffee.

DHUWA (pronounced dee:wah and meaning to feel alive in Bidjara language) – is an Australian Indigenous-owned coffee brand, created to start sharing conversations with non-Indigenous Australians. They believe a great cup of coffee connects us as we share stories, build bonds, and nourish relationships.  They call it ‘reconciliation in a cup’.

There are 3 different coffee blends you can buy online: Bigshot Beans, First Light Beans and Kickstart Beans.

Support an Indigenous owned business and kickstart your morning coffee routine with DHUWA.

To support this Indigenous Owned Business head to their website DHUWA Coffee or Instagram Page.

Native Botanical Brewery

Quench your thirst with Native Botanical Brewery’s unique blend of tradition and innovation!

Native Botanical Brewery are on a journey that spans 60,000 years of culture, combining ancient wisdom with ground-breaking science to create delicious and refreshing drinks. They’re excited to share their cultural knowledge of caring for country with you while invigorating your senses through the richness and health benefits of Indigenous botanicals.

Corey Grech, the owner and founder of Native Botanical Brewery, hailing from the Wayan (Weilwan) clan group of the Gamilaraay (Kamilaroi) language area, has been a pioneer in introducing bush food flavours to the broader community. His family-run business is driven by a vision to create jobs for family and community, giving back to our people. He says: “For us, native flora and bush foods have been cherished traditions passed down through generations, deeply intertwined with our lore. We’re proud to share these traditions as First Nations Australian people, fostering connections to our heritage, our land, and rekindling that bond.”

Their can designs feature geometric symbols that serve as visible landmarks, signifying places with spiritual or physical significance to our community. They reflect the essence of our journey and the guidance of Corey’s sister, who has been championing the use of native Australian ingredients for over 30 years.

Explore Native Botanical Brewery’s range of refreshing drinks:

Easy Lager: Unwind as the day cools down, whether you’ve been busy in the garden or basking in the sun after a swim. Sip, don’t gulp, and savour the small and simple things that make life easy.

Lemon Myrtle Ginger Beer: Crafted with fresh lemon, ginger, and the unique Lemon Myrtle, this brew bursts with a distinctive botanical aroma and sweet citrus flavours, bringing the essence of Australian bush food to life. Carbonated for a refreshing and thirst-quenching experience.

And stay tuned for upcoming releases, including Zero Alc Rosella Flower Cider and Strawberry Gum Lemonade, offering even more ways to savour the flavors of the land.

Celebrate the intersection of culture, tradition, and modern innovation with Native Botanical Brewery. It’s a taste of Australia’s rich heritage in every sip.

To support this Indigenous Owned Business head to their website https://sixstringbrewing.com.au/collections/native-botanical-brewery

Bush to Bowl

Experience the richness of Indigenous culture and traditional foodways with Bush to Bowl.

Bush to Bowl is 100% Aboriginal owned by Clarence Bruinsma (Yaegl) and Adam Byrne (Garigal), Bush to Bowl is more than just a venture; it’s a social enterprise aimed at creating a healing space and a platform for First Nations people to connect with their Country and ancestral food traditions. This is where culture comes to life every day, and it’s all about giving back.

At Bush to Bowl, their mission is to bring families and communities closer to Australia’s native plants and the wealth of traditional Aboriginal knowledge and culture. They believe in the importance of preserving culture and protecting the land that sustains us, not just today, but for generations to come.

Bush to Bowl are committed to creating culturally safe working spaces where the Aboriginal community can thrive, share knowledge, and connect while contributing to the growing Bushfood industry. Their Nursery and Farm are places where you can learn, engage with native plants, and take them home to cultivate in your own garden. You can also purchase direct produce to infuse your kitchen with the flavours of the land.

Join them for workshops tailored to your needs. Explore their gardens and local bushlands, identifying, tasting, and discussing the various uses of native foods. They offer bush tucker walks and workshops for corporates, school groups, garden enthusiasts and more.

Looking to transform your space? Bush to Bowl provides landscaping services too, whether it’s creating native gardens infused with bush foods, school bushtucker gardens, or multipurpose commercial gardens. They will help bring the beauty of the bush to your surroundings.

And if you’re eager to bring a piece of Bush to Bowl into your own home, visit their online shop for native plants, produce, and merchandise that celebrates our rich culture and the bountiful gifts of the land.


Sallou Art

Embrace art, colour and community with the incredible Sallou.Art.

At Chemrose, our values are deeply rooted in emotional connections to our past, present, and future. Partnering with Sallou.Art reflects our commitment to shared values and visions, creating a bond that goes beyond the ordinary.

Donna Conley, a Dharug Ngiyampaa woman from WadSallou Art Skateboard Deck | Chemroseawurrung Country in Torquay, Victoria, has crafted a breathtaking digital artwork capturing Chemrose’s heritage. This masterpiece pays homage to the Gamilaroi people, celebrating strength, courage, and wisdom passed down through generations.

The concentric circles symbolise meeting places and connections, while U shapes depict people coming together to share stories. This artwork beautifully encapsulates Chemrose’s journey, highlighting their connection to community, mob, and dedication to environmental care.

Sallou.Art isn’t just about art; it’s a commitment to community. Donna Conley generously donates funds and artworks to support local youth programs and children’s centres. By choosing Sallou.Art, you’re not just acquiring art; you’re contributing to a positive change.

Explore the enchanting world of Sallou.Art, featuring original pieces ranging from paintings and skateboards to surfboards and hand-painted serving boards.

Sallou Art Website | Sallou Art Instagram

Native Foodways

Discover the rich tapestry of Indigenous food culture with Native Foodways.

Native Foodways is a First Nations-owned and led social enterprise that collaborates with people from all communities across Australia. Their diverse team, including Kubin woman Carla McGrath (Moa Island in the Torres Strait), Pitta Pitta woman Cristilee Houghton, Wiradjuri man Jason Glanville, Wiradjuri man Lachlan McDaniel, and Australian-Hungarian man Mickey Kovari (born and raised on Gadigal Land), is committed to strengthening the native food system in ways that are regenerative, culturally respectful, and beneficial to First Peoples.

They’ve cultivated a growing network of First Nations-led native food farms, kitchens, and marketplaces, where they grow, harvest, process, cook, and share the flavours of our land with everyone.

Hosting an event or gathering? Let Native Foodways cater your next breakfast, lunch, dinner, or special occasion. Their menu features quality native foods, including pies, pastries, muffins, bagels, and sandwiches. Quench your thirst with native drinks like Lemon Myrtle Ginger Beer and Sparkling Ooray Plum. They also offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, and service around Gadigal Country (Central Sydney).

Meet the culinary visionaries behind Native Foodways – Director of Native Foods and Kitchens, Gamilaraay cook Corey Grech, and Goomeroi and Western Kuku Yalanji Cook Cassidy Watts. With over 20 years of experience in the native food industry, they bring passion and expertise to every dish.

But they are more than just food. Native Foodways work closely with farmers, landowners, and First Nations communities to build relationships, facilitate agreements, and secure funding for collaborative Indigenous-led on-farm projects. Currently, they’re engaged in projects with the Dharawal Community and farmers at Winderong Farm and Rosewood Farm in Gangurang on Dharawal Country (Kangaroo Valley, South Coast, NSW), resulting in over 1,000 native crop plants planted for the benefit of the local community.

Native Foodways also collaborate with First Nations knowledge holders, cultural guides, and chefs to create meaningful experiences, share powerful stories, and savour the delicious tastes of our native foods. Join them on a culinary journey that honours tradition and celebrates the richness of our culture.


Uncle Charlie’s

Go on a flavourful journey with Uncle Charlie’s, where culture, tradition, and sustainability come together.

Uncle Charlie’s  proudly stand as a 100% Aboriginal-owned business, with Aboriginal peoples, their wisdom, and practices at the heart of everything they do. Their mission revolves around sharing stories, enjoying food, engaging in yarns, caring for our country, and promoting sustainability.

Uncle Charlie’s brings you the Tastes of Country, a timeless experience with a modern twist. For over 80,000 years, Aboriginal people have traded foods and flavours, and now they are sharing these practices with you. What better way to taste the essence of our land, learn, and savour our home than with a snack food you already know and love – popcorn.

In every handful of Uncle Charlie’s popcorn, you hold the oldest living cultures of gathering bush tucker, the art of storytelling, sustainable practices, and the deep obligation to care for our country. Each bite is a unique journey through the flavours of Australian native foods and botanicals, thoughtfully sourced from trade relationships that have thrived for 80,000 years and continue to this day.

Uncle Charlie’s ingredients are of the highest quality, grown naturally and sustainably, ethically harvested, and sourced with insights from Aboriginal communities.

Each Uncle Charlie’s product proudly features at least three Australian Native Foods and Botanical flavours, providing a unique taste of our rich culture with every bite. As you savour their snacks, you can also connect and learn more about the stories and traditions of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nations behind each flavour.

Uncle Charlie’s shares the stories of our Country – Wiradjuri Country – with you through the corn and the popping process. Their corn is sustainably sourced from Wiradjuri Country, nurtured by its waters, harvested, prepared, and popped right on Wiradjuri Country.

Celebrate the intersection of culture, tradition, and sustainability with Uncle Charlie’s. It’s not just a snack; it’s a taste of our heritage!



Clothing The Gaps

Clothing The Gaps—More Than a Fashion Label, a Celebration of Culture and Inclusivity

Clothing The Gaps stands as a beacon of Indigenous empowerment—a Victorian Aboriginal-led and controlled social enterprise, predominantly owned by Aboriginal individuals. Co-founded by Laura Thompson (Gunditjmara) and Sarah Sheridan (non-Indigenous), this dynamic duo has transformed the brand into more than just a fashion label; it’s a vibrant celebration of Aboriginal people and culture.

The recognition of being awarded ‘Business of the Year’ at the 2020 Dreamtime Awards solidifies Clothing The Gaps’ commitment to closing gaps, one stitch at a time. The name itself, a clever play on “Closing the Gap,” aligns with the Australian Government’s health initiative aimed at reducing the life expectancy gap between Aboriginal and non-Indigenous Australians.

Operating as a profit-for-purpose social enterprise, Clothing The Gaps is registered with Social Traders, using business as a vehicle to self-determine their future through profit, efforts and resources supporting and helping to fund the impactful work of the Clothing The Gaps Foundation. Notably, the social enterprise’s retail and distribution spaces serve as a hub for Indigenous employment, with an impressive 81% of staff members being part of the mob. They actively strive to be a preferred employer for Aboriginal and Torres Strait individuals, offering support for personal growth and the pursuit of life goals.

Clothing The Gaps takes pride in crafting clothes with their mob in their hearts and inclusivity in mind. Their clothing line is uniquely labeled “Ally Friendly” and “Mob Only,” signaling an open invitation to all who wish to wear their meaningful creations. Because, let’s face it, everyone wants to know, “Can I wear that?” The resounding answer from Clothing The Gaps is a welcoming, “Yes, you can!”

In a world where fashion meets purpose, Clothing The Gaps encourages everyone to wear their merchandise with meaning, contributing to inclusivity and support for Indigenous communities.



Chocolate On Purpose

Enjoy the spirit of Country with a Taste of Chocolate On Purpose!

Fiona and her mudyibang (good friend), Jo, creators of Chocolate on Purpose proudly make magic on Wiradyuri Country, offering you their premier ‘Bush Food Chocolate’ range—a fusion of the finest Belgian chocolate and the richness of Australian native botanicals.

Chocolate on Purpose chocolates are more than just sweet treats; they’re a journey of healing through bush medicines. Feel the connection to the land, sense the traditions, and honour our Ancestors with every delicious bite.

Chocolate for good! Here’s how they’re making a real impact:

Increase Indigenous Farmers Participation: With each automation-enabled production run, they empower Indigenous farmers by purchasing an additional 10 kilos, fostering increased participation in the supply chain.

Empower Women & Eradicate Child Labour: In 2021, their ethically sourced chocolate contributed to eradicating 25,000 cases of forced child labour, empowering 38% more women through cocoa farming training, and raising 122,000 cacao farmers above the poverty line.

Save the Rainforests and the Orangutans: By choosing palm oil-free ingredients, they’ve prevented the burning of 300 football fields of rainforest, stopped 174 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, and saved the lives of sixteen orangutans daily.

Explore their incredible range, including the ‘Walking On Country’ plant-based, dairy-free Mylk Chocolate with Guwandang (Quandong) bar, or indulge in the Sacred Harvest Chocolate Bars featuring Rosella Flower, Mountain Pepperberry, Macadamia Nut, Finger Lime, or Davidson Plum.

Honour the land, uplift communities, and savour the sweetness of purposeful chocolate.



The Unexpected Guest

Meet The Unexpected Guest, where passion meets purpose.

At the heart of The Unexpected Guest, they believe in doing what they love, and that’s creating extraordinary breakfast experiences because, well, they just adore breakfast!

From ingredient suppliers to talented web designers, The Unexpected Guest are all about doing business with people who share their level of passion. They are committed to crafting sensational products, supporting small businesses, championing organic and fair trade practices, and, of course, having an absolute blast while doing it!

Their name holds a special place in their hearts, when you hear “The Unexpected Guest,” a smile is sure to break across your face. Growing up in the countryside, hospitality was a way of life. They were taught to always make room at the table for the unexpected guest, continuing a tradition of warmth and generosity.

Their logo is a tribute to country roots too, where Kangaroos roamed freely. The Kangaroo Paw symbolises this abundance, and the flowing dots represent the Wambool River in Wailwan country, connecting to the land they cherish.

Explore the exquisite range:

Health Bars: Prebiotic goodness and a Meal Replacement Bar infused with Australian Indigenous Botanicals like Lemon Myrtle, Wattleseed, and Kakadu Plum.

Organic Muesli: Certified Organic Granola and Gluten Freestyle Muesli—naturally delicious with no refined sugars. Perfect for a wholesome breakfast with fruit and yogurt.

Monthly Packages: Subscribe to their boxes and receive a delightful surprise from a First Nations business every month, along with an exclusive discount for ongoing joy.

Join this delicious journey where every bite is a celebration of clean, healthy foods and the warmth of hospitality.



Ngaru gayaa! Cheers to breaking down barriers with Sobah!

Aboriginal Christmas Gifts from Sobah website

Join the movement of socialising sober with Sobah’s unique tasting non-alcoholic craft beers, perfect for those memorable moments with mates.

Here’s why Sobah stands out:

Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Choices: Sobah is not just a beverage; it’s a lifestyle choice. Embrace the joy of socialising without the stigma, while prioritising wellness and making healthy choices.

Sustainability and Social Equity: They’re on a mission to promote social equity and sustainability, challenging stereotypes, and uniting people over a shared love for refreshing, alcohol-free beverages.

A Purpose-Led Business: Sobah is more than a drink; it’s a purpose-led business dedicated to raising positive awareness of First Nations’ culture, arts, language, and history. They ethically source ingredients, ensuring every sip is a celebration of culture.

Community-Centric: As a First Nations-owned family business, Sobah makes considerate decisions today to care for their team, community, and the environment well into the future. Their worth is measured by the impact they make in our community and country.

Passionate About Wellbeing: Sobah’s real passion lies in wellbeing. They support organisations and strategies working to help people and communities heal, creating spaces for traditional, spiritual, and culturally influenced choices and healing opportunities.

Supporting Awesome Initiatives: Sobah proudly supports initiatives like the Preston Campbell Foundation, The Wayne Weaver Foundation, Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health (FISH), Half Cut Org, and the Sea Women of the Great Barrier Reef program by the Coral Sea Foundation—because healing happens when we unite.

Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer: Crafted with the highest quality ingredients, Sobah’s non-alcoholic range retains a light, fresh, and crisp taste. Choose from 4-packs, 12-packs, 16-packs, or 24-packs. Not sure where to start? Dive into a combo pack of their best-sellers and let the Sobah experience begin!



Well that wraps up our Indigenous Owned Businesses to support in 2024. Of course there are hundreds of great businesses from First Nations Australians that you could support, and we would love to list them all. So if there are any you think we should feature – email marketing@chemrose.com.au and we might just do another article.

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